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I felt guilty for not making this before, so here it is now.


Basically,  sketches and daily rambles are for my rant slaves I MEAN FRIENDS. >U>;;

[Currently not accepting friends request]

If you're looking for my art journal, it's over here: fukyahtableflip 
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...because that's what journals are for. :3c

I'll make this quick...GOD FUCKING DAMMIT!! Why do artists insists on drawing hands like this:

Every time I think this fad died out, another generation picks it up. When will we learn? Can you imagine if real life were like this?
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Selling USXUK Doujin

Hey Guys,

By unfortunate circumstances, I have doubles of these amazing brand new doujins. If you could give them a home, that'll be great. I'll post this to the community if no one buys them. I just want to break even so they are 30 USD each (plus shipping). Just leave a message if you're interested.

See link for samples of the artist's work.

1. Loop by apg. A 156 page reprint (2008-2010) includes USABON.
2. Angel of the City by しおがたらない. A 156 page reprint (2008-2009), she's the author of the "Welcoming Morning" series. 
3. Strobe by Chill out! (おちつけ!). A 124 page reprint (2009-2010)

Thank you!


Poll #1724800 Endings

What kind of ending do you like?

Sad (e.g. Silencer)
Happy (e.g. Heart Beat Vamp)
No preference
Comment if you like. Just trying to see preferences is all...

Friends Cut

(reusing image win)

Hi just did a friends cut now. If you can't see this post then you were cut for either: not replying to the cut post or were inactive for a while.

If you didn't think the cut was unfair on my part, feel free to comment here to be added again.


We didn't click? Tired of my entries? Think I don't comment enough on yours? Too much USUK?

Now's your chance to get away. I will not be offended. I will miss you greatly, thank you for giving this a chance and I'm sorry it didn't work out.

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